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Yoga for Better Sleep

Yoga moves for better sleep

5 Relaxing Poses to Pair with Your Nighttime Super Powder

Are you looking for a natural way to improve your sleep quality? Yoga, combined with a nourishing nighttime super powder, can be your gateway to a restful night. We’ve found the top five yoga poses that are perfect for winding down before bed, especially when complemented with a sleep-promoting super powder, like our Sleep & Skin Renewal.

woman doing yoga Child’s Pose (Balasana)

This gentle, grounding pose is perfect for releasing tension. Kneel on your mat, sit back on your heels, and fold forward, stretching your arms in front of you. Let your forehead touch the ground and breathe deeply. This pose calms the mind and eases stress, making it ideal before bedtime.

Women with legs up against the wallLegs-Up-The-Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

This restorative pose involves lying on your back and resting your legs vertically against a wall. It’s excellent for relaxing the nervous system and can help reduce swollen or tired legs – a common issue for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Seated forward yoga pose
Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Sit with your legs extended in front of you and inhale as you raise your arms overhead. Exhale and reach forward, hinging at the hips. Don’t worry about touching your toes; it’s more important to feel a stretch along your spine and legs. This pose helps relieve stress and quiets the mind.

Supta Matsyendrasana
Supine Spinal Twist (Supta Matsyendrasana)

Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest, then gently drop them to one side while turning your head in the opposite direction. This pose releases tension in the spine and encourages a sense of relaxation throughout your entire body.

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

End your session with the corpse pose, lying flat on your back with your arms and legs spread slightly apart. Close your eyes and focus on deep breathing. This pose is crucial for integrating the benefits of your yoga practice and transitioning your body into a state of deep relaxation.

Pairing Yoga with Your Nighttime Super Powder

After your yoga session, nourish your body with a nighttime super powder, rich in ingredients like minerals and herbs, designed to promote sleep and skin renewal. This synergistic combination of yoga and a super powder can significantly enhance your sleep quality, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

Incorporate these practices into your nightly routine to experience the transformative power of yoga and natural supplements for better sleep. Remember, a peaceful night’s sleep is just a few stretches away!

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