Our Story

INTU WELLNESS was founded by good friends Anna Robards and Christie Whitehill, who both share a lifelong passion for beauty and wellness.

After the birth of their children and many restless nights, also while building a career, both resented the lack of sleep and their dull-looking skin. The problem was they could not find a trusted supplement that would conveniently target both issues. So, they decided to create their own brand.

A collection of premium, wellness and beauty supplements for women like you, who are a tad too busy and need an extra push to get their power back in the morning. Designed to make you feel awake as the alarm goes off, energised to take on the day, and confident in your skin.

INTU WELLNESS supplements are formulated by award-winning naturopaths, chemists, and scientists who specialise in creating complementary medicines that are backed by traditional and scientific research. Our products are proudly Australian made and owned. We can’t wait for you to try them.

Our Philosophy

Don’t you wish the day had 34 hours, so you could get all your to-dos done and, on top of that, get a proper night’s sleep? Most of us do.

We could do everything if we wrote shorter to-do-lists and stop the exhausting running around.

We believe we need to slow down. To listen to our bodies and thoughts.

To reflect, relax, rest and reset. So we can make better lifestyle and health choices. Only then, can we feel and look our best.

We call it Intuitive Beauty.

Our Motto and Our Purpose

Helping you get in tune with your body and tune it up. Because where there’s wellness, beauty follows.

It all starts with the most intuitive and accessible wellness “therapy”: Sleep. The good night’s sleep that resets our brain, body and skin.

Join Our Community

As strong believers in slow living, we value real connections based on shared interests. Come join us, follow us and share your thoughts. We are great listeners.

Meet the Founders

Anna Robards
Media Personality

Anna stepped into the media spotlight in 2013 when she met her bachelor and now husband Tim Robards. Since then, Anna has worked with some of Australia’s biggest beauty and fashion brands and appeared on several TV shows.

Anna’s journey into wellness began after experiencing a lack of sleep during her first pregnancy with daughter Elle. She started seeking solutions from experts and was put onto a high-quality magnesium supplement. Now, she swears by it.  And it’s one of the reasons why magnesium is one of the star ingredients in Sleep & Skin Renewal.

Christie Whitehill

Christie made a name for herself in the technology industry after founding an award-winning education company, Tech Ready Women.

Christie’s journey into wellness began after experiencing major stress and burnout from having a “busy” and “always on” life before she fell pregnant with her second child, Ava. Her exhaustion led to health complications during and after her pregnancy. Having been into natural therapies and supplements since her early twenties, Christie sought expert advice and went on a two-year-long journey of overhauling unhealthy lifestyle habits, healing and taking on more positive self-care, sleep, and beauty rituals.



“Trust your Intuition – Trust what your body is telling you. Shape the way you live, so you can feel happy, energised, and confident in your own skin.” 

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