3 December 2021 — Beauty, Wellness, The Science

Intuitive beauty – The new trend you need to know about


Every year it seems, we are marketed an endless list of cleansers, oils, moisturisers and creams that all promise to deliver the plump, pillowy skin of our dreams. Everywhere we look, there is a new skincare ‘game-changer’, whether it be a potent natural ingredient or a cutting-edge new scientific discovery. And let’s be honest: we all love to follow the new trend, believe the hype of new exciting products on the market, and we all love to be told exactly what to do – because skincare can really be confusing.

 But with all this noise, have we lost track of our own intuition? 

Enter Intuitive Beauty, the new trend making waves in the skincare community by challenging the way we look at our beauty routines. What Intuitive beauty proposes is a new approach, based on the understanding that nobody knows their skin and their body better than you do. 

Intuitive beauty is all about trusting your intuition and listening to what your body and skin have to say. It’s about nourishing your skin with products that genuinely help you achieve the glow you have always looked for – and trusting yourself to know the difference between what’s working and what isn’t. 

Think of intuitive beauty not as the latest fad or trendy catchphrase – but as a life-long journey to embark upon to gain a better understanding of you who are, what works best for you, and how your skin responds to internal and external factors. 

The idea of intuitive beauty challenges you to listen to your inner voice and to make adjustments to your skincare routine as you see fit. After all, our skin is in constant motion: changes in our hormone levels every month can bring more breakouts, time spent in the sun during summer can mean more hyperpigmentation, and winter days can bring with them a dreaded dryness to our skin. 

So forget the skincare gurus pushing the latest routine on you, take a step back from googling “best moisturiser for dry skin” or “best Vitamin C serum” and try something different: listening to your own body, learning about your own skin, and trusting your own intuition about what is best for you. 

If this sounds scary, we get it – ditching your perfectly regimented skincare routine (one that you might have been perfecting for years) and relying on your intuition may feel frightening at first. But there is so much to be gained. 

Think about it: how many times have you been lured to try a promising new product, one with rave reviews from your favourite influencers, only for it to end up in the graveyard of half-empty skincare products that you don’t want to let go of (but most likely won’t use again)? 

The truth is that while many of these products may indeed work for some, those promising you miracles have not seen your skin, they don’t know your goals or and don’t know your lifestyle.

INTU WELLNESS was created because we believe it’s time to put our intuition first. We believe that nobody knows their body better than you do – so it’s time to start listening and trusting what your skin is trying to tell you. We believe that it’s time we make our beauty routines fit us, and not the other way around. We believe in honouring the changes our skin goes through every month, and learning how to best support them so that our skin can thrive every step of the way. 

So why not tap into your intuition, and trust yourself to know what will bring your body and your skin nourishment?

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