14 October 2022 — Beauty

How to keep your hair healthy & strong

Our hair, just like our skin can be affected by so many factors, from the change in season, to the weather, our hormones, stress, and our environment.

Keeping your hair healthy all year round can certainly be a challenge however with the perfect blend of lifestyle and diet we all have the potential to transform it into its healthiest and strongest state! Here are some ways to keep your hair healthy and strong all year round:


Whilst this tip may be one of the more obvious ones, drinking more water truly does wonders for flushing out any toxins and hydrating our bodies from the inside out. As a rule of thumb women should generally be having up to 8 days of water per day, adding on an extra if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Dehydration is not only bad for our health and skin, it can also halt our hair growth therefore ensuring you are well hydrated will assist with the strength of your hair and the consistency of healthy growth. 

Be kind

The types of products and tools that we expose our hair to on a regular basis can greatly affect the health of our hair. If you are constantly bleaching your hair or excessively using hot styling tools, your hair will be more vulnerable to breakage and dryness. Getting the right balance along with the help of regular trims and healthy products can be a key factor in transforming your hair into its healthiest and strongest state. We recommend opting for an organic product that contains hair loving ingredients to keep your hair thriving! 


Ensuring you have a healthy, balanced diet will pay off in the texture and appearance of your skin and hair health. INTU Wellness Sleep & Skin Renewal is packed full with a host of powerful ingredients with the premium blend of zinc, hydrolysed marine collagen, vitamin c and biotin all in which is shown to improve the hydration and strength of our hair. Biotin is one vitamin that even the ever iconic Fabio claims to frequently take for the health of his hair. Eating seasonally using the freshest produce can help keep your hair growing well all year around. Food types that are good for your hair and which are available all year around include: eggs, oily fish, sweet potatoes, nuts and seeds.


Our lifestyles play a large part in the appearance and texture of our hair. This can come down to how often you wash your hair, expose your hair to sunshine or swim in your local pool or beach (hello sea salt and chlorine!). If you have an outdoorsy lifestyle where your hair may be vulnerable to too much UV, salt or chlorine, ensuring you are doing what you can to protect your hair in the process will make a world of difference to your overall hair health. Adding a weekly deep treatment into your routine, wearing a hat and using products that will protect your hair from the sun will all help to maintain the integrity of your strands. 

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