27 September 2023 — Wellness

Healthy Sleep Starts Before You Hit The Sheets

We’ve all had those sleepless nights; the next day feels like a foggy rollercoaster. Let’s explore the secrets to transforming your evening routine for a better night’s rest to ensure you wake up refreshed as your best-rested self.

1. Optimise Your Sleep Routine

Consider your bedtime routine a comforting melody for your body – consistency is key. Schedule dinner smartly (2-3 hours before bedtime), eat lighter meals, and skip that nightcap. For an extra touch of magic, try gentle stretches or peaceful meditation.

2. Master Your Sleep Schedule

Get ready to become a sleep pro. Stick to a regular bedtime and wake-up on time, even on weekends. Your internal clock loves the rhythm! Aim for 7-9 hours of high-quality rest – a wellness boost you’ve been longing for!

3. Dim the Lights, Welcome Dreams

As you wind down, dim the lights to signal to your body it’s time to sleep. For a tranquil sleep space, invest in blackout curtains and blinds, turning your room into a peaceful, dark haven, perfect for sweet dreams!

4. Say Goodbye to Screens

We all know that late-night scrolling is a tempting trap. Blame the blue light from screens – it’s the sleep saboteur! Yet, over half of us confess to these nighttime screen sessions. Transform your sleep zone into a tech-free haven. No screens allowed! If you love bedtime reading, swap your tablet for a good old-fashioned book!

5. Create a Cozy Sleep Nook

Craft a snug haven: upgrade your bedding, find the perfect pillow, and invest in a mattress that pampers your spine. Hot or cold sleeper? Choose temperature-friendly bedding, keep your room comfortably cool. To block out any unexpected sounds, use a sound conditioner or a small fan.

Quality sleep starts with a tailored bedtime routine and a comfortable bedroom. It ensures you’ll wake up ready to face the day ahead. 

Don’t forget to add our nightly Sleep & Skin Renewal supplement to your routine! It’s your secret weapon for promoting restful sleep and supporting skin hydration and regeneration. A winning combination for a radiant tomorrow!💤🌙

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