7 June 2023 — Beauty, Wellness

Anna & Sig share their sleep secrets!

Imagine a world where a good night’s sleep isn’t just a distant dream but a rejuvenating reality. INTU WELLNESS Founder Anna and Beauticate Founder Sigourney are here to spill the beans on their exclusive sleep rituals that will transform your nights into a cozy haven of rest and relaxation.

These sleep enthusiasts have joined forces to unveil their top 5 tips for achieving the better nights sleep. So, get ready to dive into the dreamland with these 5 sleep-enhancing secrets.


Anna’s Sleep Rituals:
  1. Infrared sauna
  2. Dimming the lights and setting the scene
  3. Wearing earplugs (more importantly the technique)
  4. Eye mask
  5. Blue light glasses
Sigourneys Sleep Rituals: 
  1. Lighting fragrant incense like Palo Santo or Sage
  2. Face massage with gua sha tools and nourishing oils, or perhaps try out the TheraFace.
  3. Pre bedtime supplement
  4. Reading
  5. Blue light glasses

With Anna and Sigourney’s sleep-enhancing rituals, you too can unlock the secrets to a truly restful night’s sleep. So, prepare to bid farewell to restless nights and say hello to rejuvenating mornings. It’s time to indulge in these expert tips and let the magic of sleep work its wonders in your life.


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